In Asia, we’re predominantly an honour-shame culture. This means that the honour and image of individuals, family, communities, tribes and nations is of utmost importance. We avoid negative social judgements associated with anything less than honour. Honour, on the other hand, refers to esteem and treatment with respect. Specific to the Chinese people group, It’s …

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A Faith I Can Control 

In a world where we are confronted with images of success and the ideal life, sometimes this can seep into the hearts of His people.  We can use God’s word to justify our heart’s desires without truly understanding the Author’s heart and the message He tries to bring.  Instead of letting His word adjust and …

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Revivals and Movements

Many want revival, but few want prayer.Many want movements, but few want the Holy Spirit.Many want to move in power, but few want holiness.Many see the sin in others, but few are willing to see the sin they carry in their own hearts.Many want to be called, but few want to be chosen, and even …

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Love and Truth

Love is who Jesus is. Truth is what Jesus says, not just when He was in human form on earth, but what He has been saying throughout the ages – in the word of God. Not a prophetic word given by famous ministers, but the written word of God, breathed on by the Holy Spirit …

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You can’t fight hatred with hatred, nor violence with violence. You can’t fight with the essence of the very thing you’re trying to resist. You can only find your way to peace, through the Person of Peace, into the door of peace; where you’re truly known and seen, loved and beloved.