A Faith I Can Control 

In a world where we are confronted with images of success and the ideal life, sometimes this can seep into the hearts of His people. 

We can use God’s word to justify our heart’s desires without truly understanding the Author’s heart and the message He tries to bring. 

Instead of letting His word adjust and expand our hearts, we reduce Him to our limited understanding and lived experience. It feels safer this way, or at least it seems. It’s a faith I can control, but not the faith that’s truly what He intended. 

To have faith, even a faith in Jesus, it cannot be contained or controlled by mere men. The scripture says that the Spirit is like the wind and blows where it wishes — if I can control the wind… then wouldn’t I be the God and not Him? 

I’ve mostly lived a life where I’m faced with circumstances beyond my control. I’ve walked through valleys of tears caused by the decision of others, especially the ones I loved deeply and, as a result, wept deeply for. 

But in the midst of that loss of control… I found the Wind, the Person that Jesus says will be my Comforter. I’ve felt the washing of His word (both the scripture and the Living Word, they’re complementary, not exclusive) over my bruised, shattered, infected heart. 

I continue to ponder if the life of faith will be easier, but I know it won’t. Not on this side of eternity where the war for hearts and souls ensue. But as I yield, I learn in my depths of heart that I can trust in the One who’s in complete control… and that He loves me too completely to leave me in my despair.