Revivals and Movements

Many want revival, but few want prayer.
Many want movements, but few want the Holy Spirit.
Many want to move in power, but few want holiness.
Many see the sin in others, but few are willing to see the sin they carry in their own hearts.
Many want to be called, but few want to be chosen, and even fewer choose to be faithful.
Many want to hear from God, but few want to walk with Him and be His friend.
Many want the blessing, but few want Him if that means suffering.

But I pray that you are the few, who choose to walk the narrow way, who trembles at the word of the Lord, everything He says, everything He has done, everything He will do.

I pray that you will submit to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take you on an epic adventure of your lifetime. I pray you’ll not make use of the Holy Spirit for your glory because there’s no turning back when you treat Him with disdain.

I pray, like the apostles of old, you’ll respond to the call of “Follow Me”, knowing it’s the greatest privilege to follow Him, even without a destination, because in Him is such fullness of life. In Him, everything will make sense.

Jesus’ everlasting love is available to anyone, anyone who would want Him at all costs. Then the revivals and the movements will never end, and you’ll be part of the beloved who will usher Him in at His coming.