Love and Truth

Love is who Jesus is.

Truth is what Jesus says, not just when He was in human form on earth, but what He has been saying throughout the ages – in the word of God. Not a prophetic word given by famous ministers, but the written word of God, breathed on by the Holy Spirit to make it relevant for the day.

You can’t love without truth, because they’re essentially one and the same, found in the person of Jesus.

You can’t speak truth without love, because if you truly know Him, you’d know what and who He aches for. You’ll know what it truly means to follow Him – a life of controversy, contention, confronting evil. But yet, with Him, it is a life of peace. The Lord Himself is peace.

Not one of building your kingdoms of family, career, money, your glory, and then calling it His. It is not even glorifying your church brand and your works, and appeasing your conscience by saying you’re doing a lot for the kingdom. Whose kingdom?

Truth is not relative. It is objectively found in what Jesus says and does.

Is what you’re doing measuring up to what He says to do? Is your life measuring up to the life He calls you to? The priorities of heart that He wants you to have, the unseen things that no one but God knows. The truth is, do you care that He knows the things you do or think in secret? Do you care that He’s the one you ought to please?

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Truth cuts to the soul and the spirit, your soul and spirit.

When the truth is revealed, will you still choose Him?